Argus, the faithful sentinel of Hera (History)


Since the faithful guardian of the goddess Hera, Argus, was revealed (not at all) through the transmission of the next SMITE 5.18 update last Friday, many people have been mumbling whether this will be a new god. The answer is NO. Argus, the guardian, will be an invocation (one of the four abilities) of the Queen of the Gods, who will finally be revealed in the next patch 5.19, where she will also have the backing of her faithful sentinel.


Argus was the favorite guardian of the goddess Hera, sister and wife of Zeus. Since he had 4 eyes, two at the front and two at the back, others simply say he has “many” eyes, but the most extended and reliable version is in which we see this “monster” with 100 eyes, of which 50 slept and 50 stayed awake, a good way to never lose sight of what he had to watch. She saw everything and obeyed Hera’s orders without any problem, that’s why for her, she was the perfect guardian.

Everything she asked of him, he did, he was even the one who took care of controlling many times Hera’s husband, Zeus, in his persecutions of some young girls. It is well known that Zeus’ loves were frowned upon by his beloved wife, who became a very jealous woman, as is normal.

Zeus found out that Argus was chasing him and was very offended. He planned a revenge, which he knew would hurt his wife Hera very much.

He ordered the god Mercury to put an end to Argus. Mercury knew that it was very difficult to finish him off, as his 100 eyes prevented any possible approach. So he decided that while he had 50 sleeping eyes, helped by a pan flute, he would sleep the other 50. Thus, while the fabulous Argus slept completely, Mercury was able to finish him off by decapitating him.

When Hera found out about this, she became very sad because she held him in such high esteem, and decided to perpetuate him by her side in the following way. He approached Argus’ body, and taking one by one each of his eyes, he put them in the feathers of his favorite animal, the Peacock, in such a way that each time he extended his tail, everyone could remember his beloved guardian who served him so faithfully.

In Greek mythology, Hera asks Zeus to give her a calf (at that time there was the turkey), where there was also a girl who had been with Zeus in intimacy and this would have been turned into a turkey so that Hera would not suspect out of jealousy. Hera asked him to give her the turkey, and he said yes so as not to arouse suspicion. She would place the “two” eyes of Argus, who was her sentinel at the time, in the feathers and thus continue to watch her brother and husband.

Now, every time you see a peacock, you must remember this story.