Domination game mode will be back on SMITE as a New Adventure


Its been leaked through the Smite Datamining page that the Domination Map, a game mode that was taken out on June 8th 2014 by Hirez Studios on the Beta version 0.1.1918.2 due to its “lack of popularity” and that could be played through the MATCH OF THE DAY on November 2014, will be back to the BATTLEGROUND OF THE GODS as a new adventure for the 5.21 patch update under the name “Celestial Domination” or “Celestial Domination Adventure”. History repeats itself again, as was the case with the Classic Joust adventure.

Brief summary

For those of you who don’t know this game mode, it was basically 2 teams of 5 players (5 vs 5) located on 2 bases on opposite sides of the map fighting for dominion over 3 obelisks distributed amongst 3 lanes. Each obelisk was protected by a sand guardian. Just like Towers, these guardians will attack anyone inside their attack range. To capture an obelisk, players had to defeat these guardians and then stay on the capture point around it. Capturing one of these points will summon a friendly sand guardian on the same spot as the original. If a friendly sand guardian was destroyed, the obelisk being captured can be avoided by staying inside the capture area until a new guardian is summoned.
Additional information:

Players by team: 5
Starting Level: 3
Starting Gold: 1500
Setup Time: 0:45
Jungle Spawn Timer: 0:10

According to the information offered on the website, the one who will play the role of the guardian on the Domination mode, will be a mage “Wizard”, which could possibly be Merlin and, before this, we had already red about Merlin and King Arthur, which can be completely related with this Adventure.

Have a sneak peek, here you can see in this video how the Domination mode was back on 2014.