Juniper Garcia Wins SMITE Winter Community Contest with Aphrodite


After Hi-Rez Studios/SMITE announced the winning skin for the Halloween/Winter contest on the 5.19 update, an event released late May this year, won by Scylla with her skin GodScylla.

Juniper Garcia is a Digital Art student, who also participated on the halloween contest, but couldn’t make it in time to enter his concept on the competition. Luckily and thanks to zeus and hi rez studios they chose the Snow Queen skin, the name that carries the concept of the digital artist for the winter contest.

What motivated you to create a new look for Aphrodite?

— “I love SMITE, I really do. I saw the opportunity through the Halloween/Winter community contest and here it is. I also took the opportunity for people to see what my art is like so I can create my portfolio”.

Juniper also presented new proposals and concepts for Arachne and Discordia, through the Reddit forum for SMITE, among them is the goddess Ixchel of the Mayan pantheon.

You can view their portfolio online through Tumblr by accessing the link: Juniper Tumblr